Interior Design Services

Good design is a mixture of functionality and aesthetics that is affordable. Modern interior design encompasses the entire design of the interior, from the analysis and concept development for optimal use of the rooms to the planning of the room design. This includes not only an exclusive design but also the functionality of the interior.

The Korai Interiors meets your interior design and decoration needs by providing you with expertise and personalized advice according to your wishes and needs, your way of life, and your budget.

interior design service Visakhapatnam
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Korai Interiors has developed a unique know-how in the design and implementation of total turnkey renovation projects. Our areas of intervention range from structural work to pure decoration. We will therefore support you in all stages of the project: definition of the ideal development plan, detailed design, and direction of the work. The firm works in all building sectors: homes, businesses, industrial premises, offices, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.

From decoration advice to taking charge of your entire project, Korai Interiors has a mindset on detail because it is the detail that makes the difference. Thanks to the competence of its staff, the quality of its products, the work of decoration, plans, studies, layout, development, all trades, as well as the respect of its deadlines, the company quickly created an important place in the (Location) market.

Listening to our customers and because each project is unique, we take the time to identify their personalities, their tastes, their needs, and their expectations to be able to best transcribe the specifications that they provide to us. told.

Korai Interiors can, for all its operations, present in the field highly qualified human resources and a material capacity meeting the needs of large specialized companies, while optimizing the quality/price relationship.

List of  Interior Design Services We Offer

To ensure an efficient, economical, and successful realization of the room design, we define visions, strategies, and goals at the beginning of the planning.

In a joint, creative process, we develop an innovative room concept and design new living and working spaces. We advise, look after and accompany you – for example in the choice of materials, colors, furniture, floor coverings, lighting, decoration, etc.

interior design service Visakhapatnam
interior design service Vizag

Renovation of Spaces

We idealize and carry out interior decoration projects, whether remodeling or root design so that you have your space thinking of you and your taste.

We work with reputable design brands, we design and manufacture custom-made furniture.

Offices and Companies

A workspace needs to be pleasant and above all functional, to guarantee maximum productivity and profitability.

We create spaces always taking into account the commercial functionality, always optimizing the best compromise “Budget” / functionality

Lighting, drawing up plans, elevations, sections, and detail drawings

Advice on the selection of colors, finishes and materials, floor and wall coverings, interior and exterior lighting, furniture, and other items

Assessment of project costs and materials needed

Preparation of plans and execution details of interior design

Why work with our Inter Design team?

We carry out layout plans to create functional spaces adapted to your needs and requirements. Our team (architect, interior designer, technologist, and urban designer) allows us to offer a complete and professional interior design service.

Phases of an interior design project

Meeting with the client;

Listening to your needs

Statement of existing

Sketches and preliminary file phase

Plans of the existing.

Site plans: development proposals.

Ambiance boards: proposals for furniture, lighting, materials, colors …

3D atmospheric perspectives.

Final 3D perspectives.

Elevations, sections, and views of custom furniture.

Execution work phase

Deliver appropriate solutions to problems that may arise by providing, if necessary, technical support

Organize site meetings to ensure the smooth running of the site

Make the various protagonists respect the estimated deadline for the work

Check the site’s compliance and technical and safety standards

Our interior designers use creativity and innovative ideas to develop an overall concept that is individually tailored to the customer. If you have any questions about interior design, please contact us – we will be happy to help!

interior design service Visakhapatnam
interior design service Vizag

Why hire an interior designer?

An interior designer is a professional who specializes in organizing and optimizing your interior. Whether for a renovation or new construction, the designer draws up interior layout plans and produces a 3D perspective so that you can visualize your future space.

This design professional knows the different standards and regulatory requirements, as well as the specificity of materials as well as the latest trends. He can bring an expert opinion to your ideas while helping you to develop them to obtain the desired result. Hiring a designer, it is also saving hours of shopping because it will tell you the strategic places where to find the material sought.

Whether it is for the choice of materials, the lighting system, the furniture, or the decoration, the interior designer will help you make choices following your needs and your budget. Moreover, the designer knows the best addresses and will help you find what you are looking for less.