How to Style a garden seating area

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How to Style a garden seating area

I am Bhanuja, interior designer from Korai Interiors, Visakhapatnam.  In this article we discuss how to style a garden seating area.

As you think about how to style a garden seating area, one of the first things that probably comes to mind is the use of garden chairs. However, it is very easy to expand on this idea and incorporate a nice range of outdoor furniture into your garden. You don’t have to stick to just lawn chairs either; there are all sorts of interesting pieces of outdoor furniture available for your decking and garden seating area. And by choosing pieces that are made from durable materials, you can be assured that they will last a long time. Here are some of the best ways to make the most of outdoor furniture in your garden.

garden seatingBrick and stone are some of the best choices when it comes to using bricks and stones in your garden area. There are lots of styles of brick and stone that you can choose from, so it is likely that you will find a combination that suits your particular garden. Brick and stone look great as area seating and you can often use them as a starting point for other more elaborate pieces that you may want to add to the area.

One of the most important decisions you need to make when you are considering how to style a garden seating area is the type of material you are going to use. Most garden seating areas are going to be made from some sort of wood, but the choice of wood is more than just deciding which material to use. It is also making sure that you choose a type of wood that will complement the style of your garden. Oak and ash are two types of woods that are frequently used in garden furniture.

Other materials that are commonly used are wicker and rattan. Both of these types of material are very versatile, which means that they can also be used in different parts of your garden. Wicker is particularly popular because it can be woven into a variety of interesting patterns. If you have a very modern garden, then you might want to consider rattan. However, if your garden is filled with a lot of antique or period styles, then wicker might be out of the question.

When you consider how to style a garden seating area, you should also think about the height of the furniture. In most cases, you are not going to be sitting directly underneath of the furniture, so you will want to choose furniture that is a few feet higher than the floor level. This will prevent the piece from being tipped over when someone is going to sit down. The height of the pieces you choose also depends upon the style of garden you have. If you have a large garden with lots of foliage and flowers, you will probably want to choose pieces that are higher, so that they do not get tipped over.

garden seatingIn addition to the height of the garden chairs and tables, one of the most important considerations when you are considering how to style a garden seating area is the overall style of the garden. Most people who are thinking about designing their garden do not take into account the style of their home. They assume that if the home is elegant, then the garden must be as well. However, the home in itself will have a huge impact on the style of the seating area.

You will want to make sure that the furniture pieces you choose reflect the style of the home. For example, if you are selecting a piece that is designed with traditional style garden furniture, then you will probably want to select something similar. You might want to consider using a table and chairs that are made from wood. These pieces will match the rest of your garden furniture nicely. On the other hand, if you are interested in using metal as the material for the garden seating area, then you will want to use furniture pieces that are either wrought iron or metal.

The last element of style is related to the colour scheme of the garden seating area. If you are interested in creating a natural atmosphere, then you should design the garden seating area in such a way that it does not clash with the natural elements of the garden. In addition to using wooden garden furniture, you can also add cushions to the chairs and tables. The colour scheme of your garden can also have an impact on how to style a garden seating area because you will want to use colours that complement each other.