Interior Designing Company FAQs

What Is the Interior Design Process?

In summary, upon initial contact, we will bring together the information that concerns your needs and desires for space. After that, we will then come out in person to see how space looks like, listen to your opinions and vision, discuss the process of design and equally give you concrete steps and directions for your perfect project. We will provide you with an email containing the fee proposal within 3-5 days following the outlining the scope of work, consultation, the number of the estimated design fee, the estimated number of hours to complete the project, and the advance on our design fee that is needed to get started. The project immediately begins as soon as advance or full payment of our design fee has been paid, we also start to arrange trades to get quotes and work on the comprehensive plan of design. All details for finishes, drawings, fabrics, furnishings, and the breakdown of the budget for the final proposal must be accounted for very well. We also require a total of 75%-100% of the budget proposal and furnishings to move forward with the purchasing and project management phase.

It will be helpful if all the decision-making committee are present during the consultation so that they can receive everyone’s input and vision for space. Making your budget is a key feature, so, you have to prepare yourself to talk about an overall budget. In case you need assistance in setting a budget, we are available to guide you on that. We always like to set up expectations from the very first time and therefore, we will discuss your timeframe, budget, our fee structure, how we work, and finally your vision.

interior designer in Vizag
interior designer in Vizag

What Does Full Service Interior Design Mean?

The full-service interior design here simply means that we create a turn-key design for your project, from the first stage to the final installation. It is just about letting our expert team take care of all your details starting from research to selection, purchasing, and coordinating to installation. Full service here applies to a full room or the entire home in a single installation. Most of our customers usually like to work in phases, and that is the reason why our full-service projects are done one complete room at a time. So, even if you already have some of the pieces we will use to complete your project, full service is still applicable.

Do You Offer Custom Options? And Do I Have to Fully Go Custom?

Here, we offer several options that pertain to the individual wants of each customer and the space we intend to design. Some of such designs may include bedding, upholstery, drapery, and finishes on case goods. Custom touches help give a space special uniqueness in which most if not all the customers desire. Of course, everything doesn’t have to be custom. We work together with many trade vendors and we are ever ready to include already made items into your design. Not regarding the path, you may choose, we assure you that the finished design will be made personal to suit your way of style and also suit your taste. Also, keep in mind that doesn’t automatically mean expensive.

To How Extent Will I Get Involved to be in The Design Process?

We will discuss straightforwardly how you prefer to work and as well craft the scope of work in mind. We get an exciting satisfaction when working with all personalities where our customers like to be hands-on and involved in the process, or some who may decide to put everything into our hands to handle. Through our many years of experience, we have found out that the design process runs smoother and your design dollars go further when we manage the project after learning your desires and needs for your home.  We so much value the ideas of our customers and the input which ensures that space will suit your lifestyles. We also present to you several options and choices to make. We work hard to ensure that the process is easy for our customers. Our manner of approach is quite well and we make it an enjoyable collaboration. We plead that you allow us to gain your trust. We then do all the works required and take good care of all the details.

How Long Will It Last?

It just depends on the scope of work, your project could anywhere from 8-18 weeks longer if there is a lot of remodeling and construction involved in the project. The timeframe upfront will be discussed with you before the project kicks off. There are also options for rush service and will be excited to accommodate your requirements. Rush services normally end up in a higher amount of design fees and higher product and also higher administrative fees.

Do You Offer Free Consultations?

We charge fees that can not be refunded for our initial home consultation since we are making out a particular time to come to your home and assess the space, give recommendations, directions, advice, and equally put a fee proposal for you. Customers have been thankful to us for the guidance and information they got from us during the consultation period. For them, it’s worth the small amount paid to make their home a gorgeous one.

Can I Use My Existing Furniture?

The answer is yes. We do encourage our customers to include some of the treasured pieces that they have already. That’s what brings about a unique design. We are honest about what works and what doesn’t work. For instance, if a piece is just too big for a room, we suggest you move it to another room that is more spacious where it might work better.

What Geographical Areas Do You Serve?

You can locate us in (Location) but cover most of (Another location). We have given our services to customers as far as (Mention all the location). If we are a good fit, your location doesn’t matter as well. If you are living outside (Your first location) and you admire how we work or what you see in our portfolio, we would be glad to talk about your design needs and also figure out the logistics from there even though you are international. There is also the availability of eDesign services that might work for your needs as well.

What Are Your Design Fees?

For the fact that each project is a very outstanding and unique one, we need time to look into your vision for the project and the scope of work after which we will then construct a fee proposal for you. Generally, we usually charge per hour and estimate the total number of hours required to complete your project.  In this way, you will then know how your overall fees will likely look. Even though these fees are estimated upfront, staying within the scope typically will not result in any increase. You will be told about the hours that will be used in the design process. Some services are also billed at a flat-rate fee. You can see each interior design service flat-rate fee in our service menu but our minimum design fee for a full-service project is (Amount). Our payment options are checks, credit cards, and cash

How Do I Get Started?

You can reach out to us and book a free 30-minute discovery session. We are glad to answer your questions and briefly explain the design process. We can then decide on a mutual date and time to meet in your home for the initial consultation to begin. Also, feel free to discuss your ideas and opinions with your spouse or other decision-makers. It also helps to determine what you would like to spend on your project and the timeframe for completion.