Design Secrets to Styling Shelves

shelf design

Style up a shelf

Are you looking for how to style a shelf in your interior design project? With today’s range of shelf choices, it is possible to create a highly creative storage system that fits perfectly with any room in your home. No longer are you restricted to one boring type of shelf. Interior designers have long sought ways to create innovative shelving and storage systems in homes, offices and buildings. The options for design and style are endless. Let us take a look at some of the best ways to incorporate a unique interior design element into a boring shelf, without breaking the bank.

shelf design

Bed Shelves – One of the simplest ways to bring an element of style into a room is to add a bed shelf. Beds often receive little to no interior design attention, which makes them a great place to insert stylish accessories. Adding a beautiful bed shelf will brighten the room and will make the most of any space. There are many types of bed shelves to choose from. With the choice of wooden, metal or plastic, there is something for every style and design.

Colour Scheme and Design – When adding a shelf to your bedroom, it is important to think about the colour scheme and overall design scheme of the room. The placement of the shelf is also important, as is the effect you are trying to create. If you are adding a shelf purely for function, such as a bookcase, then you do not need to focus as much on its design as you would a shelf that was simply for display. However, if you are adding a shelf as part of a personal touch styling your room, then you will want to pay careful attention to the colours, theme and style of the items you place on the shelves.

Interior Design Tips – The type of shelf you choose can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your shelving solution. Metal shelves are usually a good choice for bedrooms, as they are sleek and modern, perfect for bright and airy rooms. They can really help to increase the space in a bedroom, although it is important to ensure that you do not use them for too much storage, as this can over clutter an interior space. Wood shelves are more traditional and are often associated with conservatories or country homes.

If you cannot afford to get a bespoke shelf, there are loads of options available when it comes to cheap shelf solutions. The best selling shelf products are those made from photographs. These are usually available as part of a photobox package, which contains a range of photos and images suitable for interior styling. The shelf is then printed on a high quality label paper and attached to the appropriate shelf. The most popular photo colours are pink, blue and white, but you may wish to personalise your shelf by adding your company logo.

shelf designA photobox kit may be purchased separately, or you could consider buying it as part of a set. You can either purchase the components individually, or the whole kit. As they are made from a photo-quality material, you can be assured of great quality and durability. Some of the most popular brands include Roper Rhodes and Cuddlebug. Most of the shelving units are designed to be highly functional and durable, and are built to last. They will stand up to heavy use and should hopefully last for many years.

If you are looking to incorporate a photobox styling unit into your current interior design, you can choose a range of designs from high-street stores, or you can design your own. There are a number of sites on the internet that can give you some fantastic inspiration for your design ideas. If you want something that is slightly less common, you can also find a great deal of inspiration from the Instagram pages of other users. There are many popular products being sold on Instagram, which you may wish to look at in order to build your own photobox styling unit.

When it comes to building your photo box, the key to success is planning well. Choose a good design, buy the components, then follow the plans thoroughly. You may also need to consider your colour scheme before you begin. The great thing about photo boxes is that they can be designed in so many different ways, you should be able to find a way to incorporate your favourite colour scheme seamlessly. With a little planning and research, you should be able to design a shelf styling unit that not only looks stunning, but is a great investment as well.